BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Buns

BBQ Pulled Jakcfruit Buns

One of my favourite flavours has to be smoky BBQ. I have posted a few BBQ recipes before, but I think this one must now take first place. The first time I tried jackfruit was in a curry in Sri Lanka, I had to check that I wasn't eating meat, before I remembered that the people serving me were deeply religious and strict vegetarians.

Jackfruit is native across Asia and eaten in it's original form as a sweet and tasty fruit or in savoury dishes. I decided after seeing so much interest in the latest cool kid on the vegan block, I had to try my hand at creating a recipe. So here it is!

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The Recipe

Total Time - 15 mins including prep // Difficulty Level (1-5): 2 //Serves: 2 people


  1. 1 can of young jackfruit in brine
  2. BBQ Sauce - See my previous recipe for a homemade version
  3. Bread roll of your choice (optional)
  4. Garnished as required. I used sliced tomato, vegan mayonnaise,  pan fried onions and red cabbage and romaine lettuce
  5. Coconut Oil for frying

      1. Open and drain the can of jackfruit and rinse well to remove the brine
      2. Pour into a large bowl and with two forks start to pull/separate the jackfruit into smaller chunks, if you want it less chunky and more fibrous, keep going to your desired level
      3. If you want to crunch up the edges, you can transfer it to the grill for a few minutes to blacken around the edges slightly
      4. You can serve this with a crusty bun and your favourite burger toppings

      Serving Suggestions

      1. I like to serve this with roasted potato wedges or a baked potato (pictures) and vegan coleslaw - Coconut yoghurt, shredded onion and shredded carrot/purple carrot
      2. This also works very well alongside my Pumpkin Mac 'n' Cheese - see previous recipe
      3. This recipe is great if you have a non-vegan friend or family member over for dinner.

      I would love to hear your thoughts about this recipe if you make it! Drop me an email or upload your efforts to social media and tag me! Comment below to ask me a question or make a request!

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