Olive Oil Potatoes & Stuffed Tomatoes

Slow Roast Olive Oil Potatoes & Stuffed Tomatoes

I was waiting for the opportunity to make stuffed tomatoes ever since our trip to Crete recently. I knew that this recipe requires time for the tomatoes to cook, so when we invited friends over for a late Sunday lunch, this was my perfect opportunity to try this Grecian favourite. I roasted potatoes and placed the stuffed tomatoes on top to make a complete meal in one dish.

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I love cooking for friends, but the hassle of serving food onto plates can take time and food can go cold. Making a one pot dish and letting everyone help themselves cuts out this whole process and allows your guests to take only as much as they need. I served this dish with a hearty avocado and cucumber salad and some spicy chilli asparagus - the recipe for the asparagus is also available on this blog and I will be sharing the yummy salad soon!

 If you're new to the vegan life welcome, or  have been vegan for some time, keep up the good work!  I hope my recipes are a good help to you all.

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Total Time - 2 hours // Difficulty Level (1-5): 3 //Serves: optional - adapt as necessary

- 1-2 Large potato per person (depending on how hungry your buddies are)
- 2 cubes Organic vegetable stock or boullion - I use the Kallo brand. 
- A large plug of high quality olive oil
- 2-3 tomatoes per person - get organic and as good quality as possible
- A small handful of rice per tomato 
- 3 garlic cloves minced
- Worcestershire sauce - to sprinkle into the sauce
- 1 tablespoon Tomato Puree
- Salt and pepper for seasoning
- Fresh mint, coriander or parsley 

- Slice the potatoes into half inch thick slices and place them into a large ovenproof dish
- Dissolve 1 of the stock cubes and pour this over the potatoes 
- Add in a generous plug of olive oil and mix the potatoes into the liquid, covering them all. The potatoes shouldn't be submerged, they should just be resting into it so that they absorb the liquid and roast rather than broiling. This will ensure they soak in the flavour whilst still obtaining a crispy brown edge.
- Place the potatoes into the oven on the middle shelf on a high head for 30 minutes while you prepare the tomatoes
- Wash the rice and drain, repeat until the water is clear, then place into a large saucepan
- Pour in cold water to cover the rice - double the amount of water to rice
- Cover the rice with a lid and cook on the lowest heat for 10-15 minutes - do not uncover the pan during this time
- While the rice is cooking, cut the tops off the tomatoes leaving the green stalks on them for colour and set to one side
- Using a small, sharp knife, carefully remove the insides from the tomatoes and dispense into a mixing bowl, making sure to remove as much of the flesh as possible to leave space for the rice mixture
- With the tomato flesh removes, place this into a blender or use a hand blender to break down the liquid
- Put this liquid into a saucepan on a medium heat and add in the stock cube, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, garlic and tomato puree and heat, stirring continuously until the ingredients have melted together to create a tasty sauce
- After 15 minutes, the rice should have absorbed the water completely and should have a  fluffy texture
- Stir the rice to break it up and pour in the tomato sauce
- Roughly chop the fresh mint, coriander or parsley (or even a combination) and stir this into the mixture.
- Check your potatoes, they should be bubbling away beautifully, if 30 minutes have passed, turn the heat down to medium and return to your tomatoes
- Taste the rice, if it needs salt or pepper add it now. You can even add in a little paprika or cumin powder for an extra hint of flavour 
- Start to fill up the tomatoes with this mixture until they being to overflow
- Remove the potatoes from the oven and place the tomatoes on top of them, placing the tomato lids on top - you can use a cocktail stick to secure these in place. 
- Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over each tomato and place back into the oven
- Keep a check on the tomatoes, they are ready when the skins begin to wrinkle and the potatoes are extremely soft when you stick a knife into them.
- If you want your tomatoes to have a slightly blackened, charred edge, place them under the grill for 5 minutes at the end of cooking.

Serving Suggestions

- The soft potatoes are so well flavoured but the vegetable stock and compliment the tomatoes so well, however I always like to serve this dish with a  couple of fresh, green sides. Take a look at my chilli asparagus recipe which is great with this dish. 
- A spoonful of coconut yoghurt, mixed with shredded cucumber, salt, pepper, mint and minced garlic is a great vegan tsatsiki alternative 
- This dish is great for buffets too, take a look at some of my other recipes for some other great summer buffet dishes and come back again soon for some more summer food inspiration!

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