Jack Daniels BBQ Seitan Baguette & Cajun Onion Rings

Jack Daniels BBQ Seitan Baguette & Cajun Onion Rings

After a week of feeling quite ill and being unable to eat anything (I know, shocker, she's finally full!), I am slowly getting my appetite back to normal. Since I have eaten relatively zilch for the entire week, I thought it was only right to treat myself to a hearty and slightly naught treat to drag me out of this slump!

If you haven't tried seitan ('say-tan') before, you really must. It's a wheat based protein which has a strong/robust texture. Not great if you are sensitive to wheat but it is an excellent substitute to 'meat substitutes' which are highly processed. I have also included a portion of onion rings, the batter is infused with paprika and cumin.

Total Time - 30 minutes
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- 2 par-baked mini baguettes ( I used Delifrance)
- 30 grams Seitan (for 2 sandwiches)
- 5 Tablespoons of vegan BBQ sauce (I used Annie's Naturals)
- Veganaise (Vegan Mayonnaise) - to taste
- Iceberg or Gem Lettuce, shredded finely
- 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil for frying
- A small handful of chopped white onions
- 1 Small ripe tomato sliced
- 1 Tablespoon Jack Daniels (optional)
- 1/2 teaspoon cumin
- 1/2 teaspoon paprika

Onion Rings:

- 3 Onion slices per person (rings)
- 3 Parts of gluten free/all purpose white flour
- 4-5 Parts filtered water 

Main Ingredients before cooking


Follow the instructions if you are using a par-baked variety, keep a look out for these, and remove them from the oven when they are golden brown. You can do this toward the end of the cooking time of the below components if you still want the bread to be warm when you eat it. It is also fine cold too!

- Break up the seating  into rough chunks or cubes ( I use a fork to tear it so the chunks are different shapes and sizes
- Drizzle over enough BBQ sauce and Jack Danielts and stir to lightly coat the seitan, you can add more later on during the cooking time
- Cover the marinated seitan with cling film and place into the fridge for a minimum of 30 mins 
- After the seitan has been marinating in the fridge, remove it and stir. 
- Put 2 teaspoons of coconut oil into a small frying pan on a low heat and when it starts 
   getting hot, put the seitan and chopped into he pan and simmer while you make the onion ring batter
- Keep an eye on this mixture; you can turn it to a low heat while you are creating your batter masterpiece!
- When the seatan has crisped on the edges slightly, take it off the heat to rest until later
- When the baguettes  have been transferred to a plate, layer up the ingredients starting with lettuce and tomato, drizzle with veganaise, then add your bbq seitan mixture
Onion Rings
- Put the flower into a bowl and slowly add water until the mixture is smooth but not too thin, stirring continuously and briskly will ensure you will not have any lumps to worry about.
- The batter should be smooth but not loose if it is too loose, sprinkle more flower and whisk until the lumps have disappeared
- Season with salt, pepper and add in the paprika and cumin and combine
- Put this mixture in the freezer for at least 10 minutes or until the mixture is very cold
- When the mixture is cold to the touch, take it out and put 1 onion ring in at a time, coating both sides
- Heat a frying pan on a low heat and add in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
- When the oil is hot, add the onion slice in and let it sit, you can drizzle on more batter careful around the onion ring if the batter slips off.
- Flip the onion onto the authorised and add more batter if necessary
When it begins to crisp and brown on the edges, take a spatular and carefully loosen up the bottom and flip again if necessary, otherwise, transfer it to a plate lined with kitchen paper
- Season again with black pepper and a good sprinkling of paprika 

Serve alongside your sandwich and enjoy the compliments you are about to get from your lucky guests!

Serving suggestions:
- If you want to make this spicy, chop up some red chilli and add them in with the seitan or top with jalapeƱos for a real kick
- For parties let people build their own sandwiches with the basic bun, lettuce and seitan and put out toppings on a table nearby with sauces, onion, chills, pickles and even apple slices

I really enjoyed creating this recipe. It's easy and perfect for a lunch in a hurry.

Do let me know what you think, and don't forget to upload your version to intstagram and tag me @life_by_ms_lewis

Have a great weekend,