Peruvian Style Cerviche Vegetables

Peruvian Style Cerviche Vegetables

It's never too late to try something new. 

I have been thinking this recipe over for a few months now, and with a little bit of trial and error, I am now satisfied enough to share it with you. This recipe will focus on the cerviche vegetables, but the trimmings are all very easy to create as long as you have the time to add them. Otherwise, simply serve the cerviche alone with fried plantains and avocado.

100g Sweet potatoes, cubed
Mixed peppers; one of each - yellow, red and orange
3 Medium red onions
5/6 Limes 
Coriander - as fresh as possible
2 large red chillis 


  • Place the cubed sweet potatoes & peppers into aluminium foil and wrap up into a parcel
  • Turn your oven onto a medium heat and roast the vegetables until softened (keep a check!). Don't allow them to get too soft
  • When the vegetables are soft but not breaking up, remove them from the oven and place into a bowl in the fridge to cool down this should take no longer than 45 minutes
  • Chop the onions and chilli finely and place into a bowl 
  • When the vegetables have cooled down add them into the bowl with he onions and chilli and squeeze the juice from the limes into the mixture
  • Toss the ingredients together and leave this mixture to marinade for 1 hour
  • Tear up the coriander, stir into the mixture and serve!
Serving Suggestions (pictured)
  • Cerviche is traditionally served with fried plantains, I also enjoy it with tempura aubergine (pictured)
  • Another great combo which works well is an avocado and mango salsa - simply dice up and serve mixed together, you can add chilli or lime zest
  • Mix up some tofu chunks, coconut yogurt and garlic salt, mix with a fork and drizzle over as a vegan alternative to 'Queso Fresco (South American white cheese)
I hope you enjoy this tangy treat of a dish! Let me know what you serve this with if you make it!

Thank you for visiting!